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Interview Questions Feb 22, 2006

We have two version of the same assembly in GAC? I want my client to
make choice of which assembly to choose?

You need to specify "bindingRedirect" in your config file. For
instance in the below case "ClassLibraryVersion" has two versions
"1.1.1830.10493" and "1.0.1830.10461" from which
"1.1.1830.10493" is the recent version. But using the
bindingRedirect we can specify saying "1.0.1830.10461" is the new
version. So the client will not use "1.1.1830.10493".


<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1">


<assemblyIdentity name="ClassLibraryVersion"

<bindingRedirect oldVersion= "1.1.1830.10493"
newVersion= "1.0.1830.10461"/>





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