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msmithers 12-06-2007 09:58 AM

Resetting a Cisco 350 AP

I just purchased a second hand 350 with the hope of using it on Dolby Lake Processors and Lake Contour speaker controllers. (They use UDP broadcast which often has problems with consumer Linksys AP's and the like.)

I'm at my wits end trying to reset the AP. None of the information on the cisco website seems to work the way they suggest. I can get access via telnet and serial cable but the AP refuses to do anything except ask for a username and password.

Here is a dump of what I see at boot up... Any help would be most appreciated. If you like nearby... I'll drop around some beer.


Testing DRAM...
(press <esc> to bypass)
Power-on reset.

Copyright 1996-2000 Cisco Systems, Inc.
Copyright 1984-2000 Wind River Systems, Inc.

System ID: 00409640007F
Motherboard: MPC855 50MHz, 8192KB FLASH, 16384KB DRAM, Revision 90
Bootstrap Ver. 1.09: FLASH, CRC 710B6415 (OK)
Initialization: OK

Memory Bank total used left
DRAM 16738168 0 16738168
Config 524288 532 523756
FLASH 7733248 1266676 6466572

Memory Bank:File address size encoding type flags
a) Config:AP Installation Key FE020000 64 none Key 0000
b) Config:VAR Installation Key FE020040 52 none Key 0000
c) Config:AWC_ConfigDB FE020074 416 AiroDB1 Data 0000
d) FLASH :EnterpriseAP Sys 11.21 FE0A0000 996220 gzip Exec 0801
e) FLASH :EnterpriseAP Web 11.21 FE19337C 118192 .tar.gz Web 0000
f) FLASH :Inflate Ver. c14o FE1B012C 7556 gzip Dcdr 0800
g) FLASH :AWC PCMCIA FPGA 0.14 FE1B1EB0 37380 none FPGA 0000
h) FLASH :340 Series FWare 04.25a FE1BB0B4 53608 .tar.gz Data 0000
i) FLASH :PC4800 Firmware 04.25a FE1C821C 53604 .tar.gz Data 0000
j) FLASH :AP Installation Key FE1D5380 64 none Key 0000
k) FLASH :VAR Installation Key FE1D53C0 52 none Key 0000

Inflating "EnterpriseAP Sys 11.21"...
2745968 bytes OK

Loaded driver for device "fec0", ifIndex=1.
Loaded driver for device "awc0", ifIndex=2.
Configured device "fec0" as IP address "", network mask 0xfffffc00.
Attaching network interface lo0... done.
Configured device "lo0" as IP address "", network mask 0x00000000.

Adding 2 symbols for standalone.

Please enter username: (0)

msmithers 12-06-2007 06:34 PM


Looking at the steps under:

Resetting for Boot-Block Versions 1.02 or Later

on the page

the problem was that when rebooting the AP, HyperTerminal was loosing the ability to send keystroles to the AP. I found that I had to close and reopen the HyperTerminal immediately after I triggered the reboot. When HyperTerminal reconnected to the AP, I could watch the loading and successfully press ctrl-w when the Memory:File information appeared. This took over 2 hours to figure out!!!

Hope this helps someone else!!


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