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subhendu 11-30-2007 11:33 AM

Opening for Microprocessor RLM-Engineer
Post: Processor RLM Engineer

Job Description:
The Candidate Needs to Work with the Micro Processor Development Team
with our Client Semicon R&D Lab.

Desired Skill Set:
# 3+ years of active hands on experience in designing Macros for
Processor Development or similar product Will work with Processor Unit
Leads and other Circuit Designers to implement small ASIC like Macros
in advanced deep submicron low power technology nodes.
# Must be familiar with modern high-speed and low-power circuit design
# Must be familiar with design issues in 90 nm and smaller nodes.
# Understanding vhdl, logic and digital design concepts, clocking,
clock phase, setup time, hold time borrowing etc
# Transistor Level Timing Closure, implement the layout, make changes
to layout for optimal timing
# Physical design using modern automated place-and-route (preferably
Cadence based) and DRC/LVS/ERC tool flows.
# Cadence Custom Design Tools - Schematic editor, Virtuoso LE and
virtuoso XL.

Contact Person: Subhendu

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