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popularscan 11-26-2007 08:22 AM

SWF to Video Converter
Now, there are so many Apple products in our home, can we do sth more with Apple products? Can I put everything on my iPod, iPhone? A friend recommended SWF to Video Converter Pro to me, with this program, I can enjoy flash on my Apple TV, iPod, iPhone.
Here let's share it.

1. Input the Flash Files

you can see from the picture, you select flash from IE cache, this is very useful when we can't download some flash from website, when you open the website, the flash download automaticly in your IE cache.

2. Capture Pictures
Click the “Original” in the Background Color box, there will pop up a color palette, you can select one color or just DIY a color for your video background. Click the “Camera” tab to capture a picture of the playing flash, and the image files are saved as JPEG format files. Click “folder” on the right to check for its saving folder. You can click the button continuously for pictures, and check them together.

With the capture function, you can set the flash pictures as your wallpaper.
3. Crop the Video
Click the button “Crop” and the following interface will pop up.

①Crop the video. Crop the video size by changing the values on the right of the pane. Choose “Select All”, and the video will keep the original size. Or simply move your mouse cursor on the video pane to make it.

②Add image water mark. Check the “Add image water mark” box to add an image to the video. Click “Folder” immediately behind to browse for the image from your folder. Click “None” in the box to set the transparency of your image. “None” is for no editing, and on clicking “Select…” , there will be a dialog box pops up automatically.

③Edit the image. Set the RGB values to DIY a color, showing in the bar below. Drag the tolerance bar, you can easily get the picture altered in pixel; drag the Alpha bar to adjust the opacity of the picture. Click “OK” to continue.

④Set the image position. Place the position of your image by changing the values on the right side. Click the lock in the core, and you can set one certain value without changing other values.
This function let you can only convert part of the flash, and you can add your signature or picture as water mark.

4. Export Settings

Click “Export” tab in the menu, and you will get the following window.

②Set the export destination folder. Click the folder in the “Export to” box to set the output destination, and click the “Locate” button, the destination folder will pop up immediately.

③Rip the audio. Check the “Rip Audio” box, and the audio will be extracted and generated as a single file. Click the “folder” on the right to browse for the audio destination folder, and click the “Locate” button, the destination folder will pop up itself.
I usually use this function to set the flash music as my ringstone.

④Select conversion mode. Click the “V” in the Conversion Mode box to decide the conversion mode. By selecting “Manual”, you can interact in the conversion process by setting the capture start and end points while selecting “Automatic” mode, the conversion will process automatically.

At last, you can click the “Convert” button in the menu to convert the files.

SWF to Video Converter

dave345 12-06-2007 01:35 AM

Great program!
but i paid for wondershare flash to video converter.
it works great as well.

popularscan 11-26-2008 08:01 AM

Terrific program.

jbuyers 06-22-2009 01:31 AM

awesome!!!! Thanks!!!

Vinson 06-26-2009 09:18 AM

I've used this SWF to iPod Converter for a long time.
It has helped me perfectly convert Macromedia SWF files and Flash projectors to iPod video (MP4) for playback on my iPod

Refer more details at:

I like the works it does for me.

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