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Asif 11-21-2007 05:10 AM

Network Share folder Permissions
I need one thing.
I want share a folder through server and also sub folders like

i create one folder in server drive name is Common
and create 4 sub folders 1-sales 2- marketing 3-documents 4-contacts.

now i have 4 client in active directory all are only users group
members and created in one ou name workers
user1, user 2, user3, user 4

now i want set different permissions on all
i have to set the permissions that for user 1 can access sales and
marketing folders full and documents only read.
user 2 can access only read all the folders.
user 3 can access read sales and write in contacts

i go right click on common folders and share and go in permissions
enter every one full control
and then go in sub folders add all members in all folders and set the
permission in security tab because all sub folders are not shared so
go in security tab and click user one give read and write access. then
go in documents folder in security tab add user and give only read
permission and set same to all
but the problem is that those user who have only read permission they
can copy and paste in local drive and when open any files in share
folder bcoz they have read permission so they can open the file and
add some entries but after saving it gives access deny give in another
location on ur local hard disk can save
1-i want user cant copy and past data in local drive mean any of data
which is available in network share folder user cant copy in local
hard disk or any external drive like usb

please give me the solution i m in please help me.
I shall be thankful to your this efforts.

Best Regards
Asif Iqbal

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