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deleted user and messenger need help
I am running windows xp and i have deleted the user not
realizing it was microsoft. I have been having problems accessing certain
websites. I am not sure if the two are related. Do i need to reinstall this
and how. What exactly is this? During my catastrophic attempt at cleaning my
pc I also deleted messenger thinking it was an old version of Windows live
IM--apparantly not. Please advise if these need to be reinstalled and how.
Also a clear explanation of what they do would be very helpful to this
novice. One further request is their a site that i can rely on to check
definitions of spyware and viruses. I am currently using adaware, spybot
search and destroy and my providers security--radial i believe(which is not
giving me any answers to the spyware caught and whether to delete. Some are
applications and some registries--look fishy. I could really use some advice.

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