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Wireless internet Connection problems... SP2??
Hi, I currently have a pc (on xp)that is connected to th einternet via a usb
broadband modem. This pc has a belkin wireless network card. I also have a
lap top (also on xp) that has a belkin wireless card in it, this connects to
the internet via the pc. I have previously been running service pack 1 but
recently installed service pack 2. Since doing this i have been encountering
several problems.

I keep losing my internet connection on my laptop, it drops the connection
and all previous settings are lost. I can either re-run the networking wizard
and it corrects itself or i need to restart the lap top.

Also i have noticed that the pc is also losing its settings on occasions.

I connect my playstation to the internet through the lap top, for this I
create a bridge between the ethernet card and wireless card. I am also now
experiencing loss of internet connection when the bridge is formed between
the two. Can anyone help me with this problem, is this a problem with service
pack 2???

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