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Jens Mander 01-12-2005 08:56 PM

ICS is not working. Network is]
Sorry, that last Posting came with an attachment. I'm usig new

Hi. I find it imposible to go in to the Internet with my Laptop. The PC
has a Cableinternet and a PCI WLAN card (802-11b). Laptop has PCMCIA 802.11b
A can see the "Internet Conection at PC (Internet Gateway)" at the
Laptop and a can get to the Files at the PC from laptop (works also the
otzher way).
Bad there ist no Coneccion with the internet with the Laptop.

Please Helpme? It worked once, but a had to install a new HDD after a
MBR Brakedown. I decided to leave the failed HDD as second HDD,
therefore neede to install Windows XP Pro again.

Cecil Koehling

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