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Ned 01-24-2006 11:03 AM

Wireless - Preferred/Available networks
I have a Wireless Internet connection from my Telco. When my laptop has
been awakened after being "hibernated" the available network is called
"2WIRE533" - this is not my Telco network. If I do a refresh it doesn't
bring in my own Telcos network. In Preferred networks I see my Telco
network (but not the 2WIRE533).
If I reboot the laptop then my Telco network shows as available and
Why does this happen? Is there any way for my Telco wireless network to
show as available without needing to reboot?
What is the "2WIRE533" A neighbours network maybe? There doesn't appear
to be any way to remove the "2WIRE533".
TIA, Ned

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