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bodomodo 09-19-2007 05:45 PM

Cisco 4404 Controllers and Microsoft IAS
Lad's and Lasses-

I am in Radius hell right now and we are not sure how to correct and have had any input on this matter so I am turning to you good folks at Velocity.

We have implemented a new wireless infrstructure consisting of------

Cisco Clean Access
Cisco 4404 controllers
microsoft IAS Radius

We have 2 WLAN's one for guests and one for Faculty. THe Guest portion is simple and is not pushed to Radius, The Faculty WLAN is using PEAP MSCHAPV2 and uses Domain services for the client to log on with domain user name and password.

That said during testing we were flying and had no issues with clients logging on to the network, we use the clean access agent so when a user connects to the network the are pushed to IAS and the credentials are matched to the Domain server and then are moved to CAS and forced to download the agent, after the agent is installed they are redirected to the cloud, the problem now is when clients connect and with the wrong domain described and try over and over it is effecting access to clients that have already connected with- out error, during testing we had maybe 50 users, now that classes started the volume of correct and incorrect clients asscociating to our infrastructure in 10 fold.

The errors reported by the 4404's are as follows--

RADIUS server failed to respond to request (ID 25) for client 00:1c:b3:bf:c0:ae / user 'unknown'

Followed by-
RADIUS server deactivated in global list


I made the IP all zero's for security reasons....

I adjusted the timeout vlaue from 2 to 10 on the controllers Radius Authentication but with no avail--- I contacted microsoft about the matter but I have had no response or help with the matter.

Has anyone seen or experienced the same problems?


pha 06-17-2009 02:45 AM


Long shot if you are still on this email, but did you eventually resolve this?? I am getting the same errors with MS NPS and Cisco WLC 2112


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