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Brian 08-22-2007 07:29 AM

successful OEM vista return to dell
I purchased a new notebook from dell, and successfully received $100 for my
unused copy of Vista Home Basic.

$100 being more than the street value price of OEM Home Basic (source:
newegg), I'd say I made out pretty good. I was expecting $50 based on the
one other person I've read about online that got a refund.

Initially they would not allow it for the common reasons listed already
(didn't pay for it, have to return the complete system, system can not run
without it, it was a bundle, etc). Once breaking through this barrier and
getting through, I was offered a $75 coupon which I declined and restated I
wanted to return Vista for a refund.

I was then offered a $75 credit to my credit card, which I declined, and
again restated my wish. Following was an offer of a $100 coupon.

I accepted the $100 coupon and will use it to buy a 160gb 7200rpm HDD from
dell for my notebook. The coupon is being processed and will be emailed to
me within two business days.

Hooray, another score for windows refund!


Mr. Arnold 08-22-2007 03:29 PM

Re: successful OEM vista return to dell


> Hooray, another score for windows refund!

Now, you can have a week of Mac Donald's meals for the family, even super
size them.

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