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br3athe 07-30-2007 12:30 PM

small updates to a big site
this problem is driving me round the bend ...!
I am working on a .net project that has become quire large , it takes about 5 minutes to compile and about 20 minutes to upload , i have a good connection .
As always it seems when you deploy a release of a site there are bugs that appear when you deploy to the live server , in classic asp , you could find the bug and simply upload the file , the site would not need to come down.
with .net it appears , if you have 1 line of code to change you need to recompile the site , take the live site offline , reupload all the binaries , it takes so much time , and invariably then something else is found so it can take hours ! again in classic asp the bugs that appear when moving server , could be solved quickly simply by overwriting the individual files.
please what am i doing wrong , or is that just the way it is !

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