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csnpaul 07-20-2007 05:37 PM

Cisco Asa 5505
I am interested in implementing an asa 5505 for a small corporate network. I need to provide site-site vpn access to 15 remote locations. Each of the site-site locations will have a either a CISCO PIC 506E or an ASA 5505. 3-5 of these locations may just be a single client connecting, so may not need a site-site for those.

My question is will this appliance ( ASA 5505) accomplish what I'm needing to host VPN services at the corporate location for all of these remote locations?

csnpaul 08-05-2007 10:07 PM

Any help here...??

The remote locations could just use a simple 8xx series router as well. Please some advice to know if the ASA 5505 will provide site-site services for 10-15 locations.

Each location is a small office of 2-5 users scattered across the midwest. Right now they are using PPTP vpn to connect to the main office. I'd like to have a more secure connection and stop each user from having to connect to the vpn. Also, I'd like to have them all on the same network for intranet access, remote access services, etc.

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