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[ANN] XBinder XSD to C/C++ data binding tool
Objective Systems Announces the Release of XBinder 1.2

XBinder(tm) is an XML data binding application that can generate C/C+
encoders/decoders from an XML schema specification. Version 1.2 is a
major new release of the product that adds the following capabilities
over previous versions:

- Use of a Pull-Parser for improved XML decoding. XML C and C++
generation has been changed to use a custom pull-parser as the
parser instead of a third-party SAX parser. This provides better
performance and provides a more logical model for data binding

- Improved handling of run-time type declarations (xsi:type). The
generation was updated to generate special structures for derived
This makes it possible to encode and decode XML elements identified
by xsi:type declarations.

- Capability to encode and decode to/from DOM. An abstract DOM
has been added which makes it possible to encode/decode to/from DOM
of directly to XML. This makes use of DOM possible with XBinder
operations such as searching or generic node manipulation.

- Addition of copy constructors and deep-copy for all C++ classes.
The C++ memory management interface has been greatly simplified
such that all assignments now cause a deep-copy of the data to be

- Improved custom type configuration. The capability was added to
the default C type that is mapped to a given XSD type. For
it is possible to specify that a string be used to hold an
type instead of a floating point variable.

For more information on the new release see:

A free evaluation version of the software can be downloaded from:

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