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freakbmx 07-06-2007 12:52 PM

Need help with wireless/wep
Ok heres my probleme
I have a kinda old laptop but it work fine with win2000 and my wireless always been working fine.
Last week I moved to this new place and the wireless have this WEP code thing.
So basicly when I click on the connexion available they ask for the passphrase and I enter the password they gave me and its not working at all. here whats going on
-The lil light flash wich mean its connected
-I have packed out but no packed in

I see all the signal strengh/quality bars moving like it was working but I get no packed in....
Anyone can help me? my roomate is SICK of seeing me on her laptop...and I need mine to run my site.

my wireless card is ??? --> IEEE802.11b WLAN card

I tried every link I could find on google to help me and nothings working this is my last resort
Thanks alot

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