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=?Utf-8?B?c3Rl?= 06-29-2007 12:44 PM

major display problems - help needed!!

i have massive display issues on my xp64 machine. when using 3dsmax8 and
after effects i get all kinds of madness. My menu bars disappear, drop downs
open up then vanish until i roll over them and even then only the element i
have rolled over re-appears.
i also get popup message windows disapearing and in after effects 7 all the
docked tool bars shudder and shake randomly, rendering it pretty much
impossible to use unless i undock every window.
I have tried swapping graphics cards, repair re-installing XP, changing
monitors and updating all NVidia drivers to no avail!! ( I have a Quadro FX

Has anyone else come across this at all? is it likely to be software or
hardware issue? as its not a gfx card issue what can it be ?

i have had nothing but trouble with xp64 and am really not keen to upgrade
to vista as a result.


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