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M 05-31-2007 08:43 PM

IT Technical Support Call Tracking/Problem Management tools
I have recently started my first IT job on a technical support helpdesk.
Amazingly the company does not use any established Call Tracking/Problem
Management tools (ie. -Remedy, Heat, Applix). We have paper everywhere!
They have a package which is absolutely horrible, looks like someone's
college project which hasn't been used for years. They have now decided
that they would like to resurrect this software and I will have to update
the knowledge base. Unfortunately the cheapskates won't buy Remedy, Heat or
Applix. I would like to use something different, either a package that runs
within Access because we have Access 2003 on all machines or something based
on open source software and will run on Windows XP clients and Windows
Server 2003.
I will be grateful for advice and recommendations.
Thank you.

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