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American Refund Services 05-23-2007 03:02 PM

Web Data Extraction:
Web Data Extraction:

Need to extract data from disparate Web sources and save the content into
your own databases or text files for actionable information?

Wasting too much time and resources to manually copy and paste data and
collating information from the Internet?

Take advantage of our powerful extraction data-solutions designed to
anonymously and non-intrusively extract, store and deliver the specific
information your business depends on.

Our customized solutions are capable of gathering information from the deep
web. Information that cannot typically be crawled by conventional web-
crawlers or search-engines.

The data or content from web pages of your targeted websites can readily be
converted into XML, CSV, or a database such as Microsoft Access, MySQL,
Microsoft SQL.

Information extracted by Database Technology can be easily integrated into
existing applications.

Visit: for complete Web Data Extraction
Services and Solutions. We offer solutions to rapidly aggregate data and
information from multiple Internet sources for your Business needs in a
cost efficient manner

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