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stylez03 05-15-2007 07:01 AM

Automation of WPA2 Deployment on Campus

I'm trying to do some research for my boss on possible method(s) of
deploying WPA2 configuration on wireless clients. My boss has found a
method which just uses the traditional batch processing and editing
the files but was wondering if there were other solutions. I've found
something similar with command line and the person also wrote sfx
installer and I've also seen GPO deployment with Microsoft AD. The
clients are mainly students and are not static and I'm just wondering
if anyone has done any type of configuration deployment of wireless
for WPA/WPA2/PEAP that they would recommend for Microsoft Windows XP/
Vista AND/OR Apple/Linux that could be use to help students register/
configure their wireless cards. I would like the simplest approach as
possible, but from the few hours I've spent reading articles online,
there aren't many people doing this or just doing an office deployment
using GPO. Thank you for your time.


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