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Gualtier Malde 04-16-2007 05:59 PM

Using right-click in Firefox/Thunderbird
I use Firefox and Thunderbird in Windows 2000. For some time, with both Netscape
and Fx/Tbrd, I have come across a few sites where, after right-clicking and pressing "Send Link" I
am unable then to right-click and copy the URL from the message form it generates. The Edit
function is similarly greyed out. It hasn't happened often, and when it did I assumed there was
something that the web site had done.

Now I find that just about every site I visit is that way.

This is a re-installation after a wipe/re-install so everything is new and I suspect I failed to do
something, or did something I should not have done.

Getting answers here is a touch faster than from my ISP. Can anyone tell me what is happening and
what, if anything, I can do to correct it?


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