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=?Utf-8?B?RGFu?= 04-02-2007 11:30 PM

"partial" wireless connectivity
I am having trouble connecting my LG laptop which has both wired and
wireless network capabilities. I have a home network with a Netcomm NB620W
Super G wireless router, a desktop computer with 3Com gigabit adapter
(wired), and my laptop (intel wireless adapter).

The wired desktop connects to the router and can brows the internet just

The laptop will connect when plugged in to the wired network and can see the
internet normally. (it can also browse shared folders and printers on the
desktop). When the wired network is unplugged and I connect by wireless, all
seems fine, as I can browse the shared folders on the desktop, transfer files
etc over the wireless network, BUT, i can not see the internet!? I can log
in to the router and cahange its setting over the wireless connection, but
still can not see the internet.

Getting very frustrated as have tried many setting changes, and read many
posts here and elsewhere, none of which seem to have the answer.

Can anybody offer any suggestions??



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