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~Rita 09-21-2005 04:18 PM

Dell & Sony
Dell Laptop Wireless

I purchased a Memorex Mini TD F mini clip. I only have one function left on
the 2003 Dell Laptop, which is the Defragmenter file. The defragmenter file
said Fat 245 244MB 99%, I had placed 5 newsgroup threads into the mini clip.
I noticed that the Defragmenter file showed the defragmenter file on the
Mini Clip clean. Originally, I had purchased the Mini Clip (with great
distaste and hassle) because I wanted to use it when I used my new 2005 Sony
Laptop. On the new Sony the defragmenter file stated that the Sony computer
brain was empty. When I tried to enable the Mini clip function manually, a
51-page Windows XP description began printing out. I then had 117 Internet
function appear. Where did they come from?

I purchased a 2003 Dell Laptop. The computer was specially
assembled for each and every purchaser. It was customized for the
individual needs. For two-and-a-half-years, my customized computer was a
nightmare. It appeared to catch a virus every time I used dial-up to access
the Internet. The hard drive was replaced twice. The second time was
August 1, 2005. Immediately, the Dell began acting up. I came to the
conclusion that the only time my Family and Friends did not receive a
contaminated email was when the hard drive gave out, and I had to wait for a

The Sony Laptop was purchased September 16, 2005 because I
wanted a clean computer simply to e-mail my brother in Connecticut "Good
Luck". If wishing brother "Good Luck" meant that my luck wouldn't be.
Brother was going to for a surgery September 20, 2005. My situation was
that I had two sick computers one a new Sony and the other a 2003 Dell.
Brother needs the "Good Luck" not I.

Ten years ago, I believe that the United States government knew
that China had the computer technology that could disable a United States
airplane's computerized instrument panel, causing it to tumble from the sky
in a finger-snap and crash into the Earth anyplace, anytime and anywhere.
Since I already own a Dell laptop and tried to purchase a clean Sony, I
believe that the Chinese government discovered a way to nicely package a USA
nightmare. If the shoe was on the other foot and the Chinese government
suspected sabotage, every Dell and Sony pusher, seller and flawed computer
government protector would be taken outside of the store to be immediately
shot! I live in the USA.

I remember the US people calling French fries Freedom fried. The USA
Politicians have taught the people to dislike the French. The French are
insulted because the USA medical people want to exchange 3 inferior
Tuberculosis vaccines for the Original BCG that was discovered in France
about 1908. Now the USA politicians insult every country in the world
because a country's only value is the people within.

If we are going to sell flawed destructive merchandise that will destroy
human life living in the USA, then the saboteurs should be taken outside of
the store or White House to be immediately shot for the act of sabotage!
Yes, the rude Orion Best Buy acted like a saboteur when I returned the
flawed Sony Laptop. A saboteur would lie, which he did. A USA saboteur
would use the young to again lie, teaching the young that lies are good and
that evil saboteur politicians are the right way to live. Yep, he did that!
When I purchased the $50 Norton antivirus software (after I had already
purchased the Trend), the manager was watching as I paid for four items. I
feel that after looking at my receipts, he knew that I had purchased the
3-year protection plan, too

Disk Clean Up is found under system tools.

There was 244,416 K called Office-set-up-files.

The figure is now down to 3888 KB, that is 240,528K less that what the
frozen 244,4l6.

I came to the conclusion that the Disk Clean Up function has a flawed

They looked important, but somehow I believe that they threw Trend
Anti-virus software anti-virus detection into the recycle bin when my back
was turned. I believe that the US government and congress people knew that
when the "Made in China" computers entered the USA, the computers would
contain a system called "Outlook Express". The unexpecting commoner would
think that he/she had an antivirus system, but reality was that the Dell
laptop browser caught the software that could detect the antivirus software
first. Yep, the browser could and (as my did) would catch a virus or worm
as quickly as it could then throw the culprit into my Dell Laptop to cause
havoc. I call that sabotage. I don't know of any country that would teach
its children to ignore sabotage, the destruction of the ground upon which
they walk. How buzzard! The devil wouldn't want a liar in the devil's den,
even a murder would admit to the How and Why of the murder.

The Office Set-Up file was filled with useful sounding computer
words. To me, it sounds like the US Congress speaking to the commoner. We
teach our children to ignore sabotage words for it's already under our nose
in full bloom. I had the list down to 12.

1. Encrypt class 104KB 3/15/05

2. JAVA connect 2528KB 9/14/04

3. JNlLoader Control 272KB 10/18/02

4. Multiline Slots 1068 7/14/05

5. Office Update 324 1/18/05

6. Office Scan Mana 556KB 3/15/05

7. Pie Chart Class 104KB 3/15/05

8. Sametime Broad 2828KB 9/14/04

9. Sametime Direct 772KB 9/14/04

10. Sametime Meeting 4044KB 9/14/04

11. Shockwave Flash 4KB 7/14/04

12. STConnectivity 40KB 8/29/02


Claimed 244446 total 12644

The numbers didn't match, once a hand count was done.

Any politician that kills its own people should have an accurate murders
total. Yes, I believe that Congress people knew the "Made in China"
browsers were flawed. They were counting the kill as the planes crashed to
the ground. Yes, I believe that someone is watching over the murders to
give an accurate killers account.

Removed files

9F1C11-197B Unknown 4KB 7/27/04

Malicious software Installed 1404KB 8/18/05

Office Scan Manager 556KB 3/15/05

Pie chart Class 104KB 3/15/05

WUWebControlCl 176KB 5/26/05

I tried the free on-line Trend House call for a last check; I
saw two programs that were under C:\programfiles\too large. The words "too
large" and knew that program was a free dead. Ad-Aware is a program that I
really like. It tells you personally when dead and it tells you where the
dead go.

The Ad-watch status - not available (system is falsely telling
to update - the next update, a good system will disappear and be replace
with a frozen). There were 162 Objects removed. 120 Objects quarantined.
When the system becomes corrupt the objects will return to the files from
which they were removed and all figures will return to 0. Three new
critical objects were identified prior to crash.

MRU list object recognized.

explorer\ typedurls

Description: List of recently entered addresses in Microsoft internet

management console\recent file list

Description: list of recent snap-ins used in the Microsoft management

MRU list object recognized!

common\open find\Microsoft office word\settings\save as\file name MRU

I came to the conclusion that the severely flawed Outlook
Express Dell Driver would be under "Dell Drivers". My Dell Driver list is
the following:


















Under the word "Dell" was several interesting files:

Dell Resource CD 1KB shortcut

Wireless-B Notebook 1KB shortcut

Wireless-B Note 1KB shortcut

Daughter's name 1KB text document

Then there were 8 Internet Downloads Dated 12-7-1999

My interest is in the Dell Outlook Express Driver,

Which driver operates the Outlook Express?

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