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wewa 07-21-2005 08:58 AM

50th State checking in... TAP delivery my wife gets her usual UPS giant furniture delivery boxes from pottery
barn or similar this afternoon.

and there's a small envelope package...but I assume its all part of the set,
as all it says is 'Fufillment Center' on the envelope.
No microsoft, no zomax, no nothing. Like i ordered adult material, or regrow
hair kit, viagra or something...

So I'm on the sofa, watching Jenna Jameson on E! special...and then she
comes home, and excitedly starts opening her packages, and says...'honey,
did you order this?' ...and hands me x64! :)
Talk about getting a double boner!

anyways, its in a dvd clamshell and has a COA decal on the back which says
to affix to your PC exterior:
Windows XP Pro x64 Ed Tech Advancement OEM Software

So is this the one that folks have been updating over their existing 180 day
trial (build 3790) with success?
If so, then I to will give it a go as well.

order number was x0003211000** (last two digits replaced with **)

it came via UPS 2nd day air from Fremont, CA.

Hope you guys get yours soon!

Then the discussions here should be more productive!

=?Utf-8?B?enhub3M=?= 07-21-2005 01:52 PM

RE: 50th State checking in... TAP delivery
2nd day air. nice. it has taken 6 days so far for mine to go from california
to colorado. (ups) i have sent packages via usps faster and cheaper.

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