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Aldo Bleeker 05-10-2005 07:50 AM

"Charlie Russel - MVP" <> wrote in message
> Aldo -- you probably want to drop your betaid from your display name here
> in the public NGs. :)
> --
> Charlie.
> Aldo Bleeker (417858) wrote:
>> ljm1977 wrote:
>>> this question is for anyone out there who has ordered and received
>>> the 64 bit upgrade from xp pro. how long did it take to receive
>>> your upgrade copy? i placed my order two weeks ago, and am still
>>> waiting for my copy. i can not check order status since i can not
>>> locate my order #. i contacted microsoft via the support email
>>> address for information, but have not heard back (its been over a
>>> week). thank you for your help.

>> I've lost my order number as well. I've emailed the guys about that,
>> and I did indeed receive a reply. Hey! However, it was useless, as it
>> was just a boilerplate mail describing how one has to enter the
>> required information.
>> Anyway, I understand even if you can check the order status, it's
>> going to be Pending until they ship, which will take 4 - 6 weeks. I
>> wouldn't be surprised if it took longer. So to answer your question,
>> nobody has received a copy, and it will take another 4 weeks before
>> anybody will.
>> Aldo Bleeker


Oops, you're right, I see I'm still using my beta-ID in my name. Sorry,
wrong group for that. I'll remove the ID ASAP. I'll check this message to
see if it worked.


Aldo Bleeker

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