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Steve Foster [SBS MVP] 05-09-2005 09:50 PM

Re: ISA server 2000/2004 firewall client, not compatible.
Iain McWilliams wrote:

> Steve Foster [SBS MVP] wrote:
> > Iain McWilliams wrote:
> >
> > >
> >> ISA 2004 wouldn't let 64bit workstations join the domain until ISA

> >
> > SP1 was applied to the ISA server. Before the service pack was applied
> > clients would fail when joining with an RPC error.
> >
> > How/why would ISA impact domain membership actions, unless either a)

> > workstations are outside the LAN, or b) ISA is installed on all the

> ISA is installed on the only DC, an SBS 2003 server. Not recommended I

know but worked happily with 32 bit XP.

Ah, well, ISA2004 on SBS2003 is not currently a supported configuration
(unless you're participating in the SBS2003 SP1 beta program). Domain
join-ability would likely not be your only issue. <g>

SBS2003 SP1 is getting close, and should take care of any niggles like
this anyway.

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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