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Fpml processing system from Webswell
Webswell Inc. introduces Webswell financeConnect, a comprehensive B2B
solution based on Web Services, EbXML and AS2 dedicated for financial

Implementing the financeConnect solution users can significantly
the cost of business documents interchange with their partners or
the corporation. The financeConnect covers messaging, archiving and
classification of xml business documents.

Key financeConnect features:
1) Can store and process incoming FpML messages.
2) Supports document level security.
3) Provides automatic notifications about document changes.
4) Can be used to create ad hoc applications to process various FpML
5) Incoming documents are classified and cataloged base on document
types, XML elements and values of XML elements. It automatically
record about given document that includes all important values.
6) Provides a robust search engine that allows content-based
parametrized searches in stored documents.
7) Supports web services, AS2, http, manual web interface, SMTP and
ebXML communication protocols.

Detailed information at:

You can try financeConnect demo at:

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