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jose 02-13-2004 12:57 PM

cluster problems

Im sorry for my English, Im Spanih.

I have to migrate a Domaint NT with exchange 5.5 to Active
Directory windows 2000 in a cluster Exchange 2000

Then I have installed a nex Exchange 2000 Server
standalone in an Exhange 5.5 Organization because is
imposible migrate to cluster 2000 from exchange 5.5 SRS is
not avaible in cluster.
Now I can move stores, public folder etc. My exchange 2000
standalone is my "gateway" from exhcange 5.5 to exchange
2000 cluster I think.
Second step is create cluster exhchange 2000 enterprise
and move stores, etc from exchange 2000 standalone to
cluster exhange.

My problem is the following:
Whe I have tried to clustering system attendat resource to
create Exchange cluster the system asked me the account
with privilegies in Domain NT 5.5 but for me It is
impossible because I heve delete Domain NT.

How can to do this migration?? Now I am in a laboratoy no
problem but in real How can I make?

Thank you all, thanks Sorry my English.

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