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Broadcom's 802.11g Wireless Adapter & Acer Travelmate Notebook Com
I recently purchased an Acer Travelmate 2480 notebook computer which came
with a Broadcom 802.11g wireless card built in.

I am running a wireless home network using a D-link DI-524 router. I have
two desktop pc's, with wireless connectivity, achieving download speeds near
the 3Mb advertised rate of my isp ( Verizon DSL). One has D-Link adapter
card and the other Linksys card. When I test the download speed on my Acer
notebook via the Broadcom card I'm only getting in the neighborhood of
400-600kbs. Believe it or not, my upload speed is actually higher, closer to
700kbs. I achieve the correct speeds when I hard-wire the unit directly to my

I contacted support for Acer and they had no clue and suggested I post such
this on a forum for outside assistance.

Any help would be appreciated.


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