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ccnpjam 03-11-2007 05:35 PM

Routing Problem between HRSP enabled 6500s
I have two Cat 6500 switches running as the Core Routers of my Lan.
The 6500 are linked by an Ether Channel Trunk Link and the Are configured to run HSRP.

Now I have one VLAN that is linked by Fibre coming from a 3550 to CoreA their is no link from this 3550 to Core B. Now CoreB is the active Router for the this VLAN but as said above their is no link from the 3550 to Core B.


VLAN 6------CoreA----------Etherchannel----------CoreB
3550 6500 Trunk 6500

Problem :
IF I ALLOW COREA TO BE THE ACTIVE ROUTER FOR THE VLAN EVERYTHING WORKS but when i allow COREB to be the active router for the VLAN machines can only reach certain servers in the Server Farm VLAN.

The Route and FIB table look OK and Porxy ARP is turned off.

I need ideas to work with

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