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Best portable, durable, secure external hard drive

I'm a journalist and producer, and am about to head to Afghanistan for
a brief stint.
Part of my work will entail some radio production, and I usually store
and work off of the audio files
that I save on an external hard drive. (I use a Lacie for audio
editing and a G-Raid for video editing at
my home-office.) Anyway, I'm looking for a solid, durable drive
(again, I'm traveling in Afghanistan),
that's very portable, is plug and play/bus-powered, works well w/
digital audio editing (I use
ProTools for this), and has some kind of security protect, if possible.
I work on lots of sensitive
material, and encrypt data w/ PGP, but want to be especially mindful of
protecting an exposed
external drive. I know this is a tall order, but I'd be grateful for
whatever ideas you could offer.
Thanks very much for all of your help.

Take care,


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