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turbokev 09-05-2006 11:51 PM

install standard modem win xp
Hi can any body help me out with a problem of missing standard

I am trying to add a standard 33600 modem from the list that should be
there under add new modem.for use with a serial cable link to a radio
phone here in spain. I tick the box that says do not search for a new
modem I will select from a list. But although the standard modem
option is there when i select it no mdems appear in the right hand
window where the list should be. I have tried this on 2 of my friends
pc's and they have a full populated list of modems.

seems strange that have the list and i do not all I get under standard
modems is com cable between two computers and parallel cable between
two computers, But no standard modems

cheers in advance for any ideas you may have

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