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Davin Mickelson 09-04-2003 04:52 PM

Re: thanks
You want good advice?

Graduate high school, go to college, party (get it out of your system) and
then build your career while seasoning it with some certifications on
Windows 2010..

You look stupid acting like a kid when you're 35. You have plenty of time to
be grown up later. Be 16.

Good luck to you.
Davin Mickelson
"does it matter" <whatsth@point> wrote in message
> my nephew he is only sixteen and has been studying for
> thease exams and wanted some help, maybe you read his
> request "trying" all he got was a load of abuse from so
> called professionals, so he didn't put it the best way,
> but he is only a kid. For goodness sake get off your high
> horses and help some one. I thought that this was the idea
> of the group, or have i got it wrong! an exclusive club
> run by well look at yourselves.

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