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AD 12-28-2005 09:42 AM

Re: Freezing Cheese
anthonyberet wrote:
> Plato wrote:
>> Mick wrote:
>>> Am a single man living alone, happy with that state, but have
>>> had 4
>>> cheese board selections given me this Xmas!
>>> Am I right in thinking the hard cheeses will freeze ok, and any
>>> thoughts on
>>> the French Brie, French Roule, and Stilton?

>> Cheese is probably one of the worst foods to freeze.

> - No, that would be mushrooms....

No, you can buy some very good frozen Chanterelles. Pied de Mouton and
other wild mushrooms, flown all the way from Canada...... why would one
want them flown might be another matter...but having tried them at
various trade shows I can honestly say they flash freeze very well and
retain much of their flavours. Will normally be used for sauces or soups
as the texture will have been changed

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