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ITPro_DLM 08-17-2003 06:12 AM

70-220 Gave Score
Passing score is 675 for 70-220 and 613 for 70-219.


>-----Original Message-----
>What is the top score? Is passing 675 out of 1000? or
>Trying to get a pass percentage so I will know when I am
>ready based on my practice test averages.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>In all my reading, and my previous tests, made me

>that Microsoft did
>>not give you a score anymore. I took and passed my last

>exam for the
>>MCSE/2k and it gave me a score. It shows that 675 is

>passing and my score
>>was 823, does this just mean it was an older test?
>>It's just curiosity more than anything. Since I passed

>and have finished my
>>MCSE cert, I'm moving on to my Cisco IP Telephony tests.


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