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Consultant 08-14-2003 03:34 PM

how can i find out more on this great deal?

"R.J. Williams" <> wrote in message
> What's up everyone!!
> Ron here, again I am a new Account Manager for New
> Horizons Computer Learning Centers in San Diego,
> California. We ARE the largest IT Training Provider in
> the world.
> I just wanted to come on through and let you know that if
> you need any IT Training, come see us!! For those of you
> MCSE 2000 track graduates, we ARE now scheduling for the
> Windows 2003 Upgrade Workshops (2209 and 2210
> courses)!!! If you arent in Cali, we have over 280
> locations around the World. Go to our website
> for more info.
> I hope all of you get to where you wanna go. Pass THEM
> tests!! Show 'em what'cha got, build those skills!!!
> Regards,
> Ron Williams
> New Horizons Computer Learning Center

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