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woo 11-28-2005 03:58 AM

Re: Slavery is back in 21st century USA
> A different kind of workforce slavery.
> Robbing people's works.
> The company is Google.
> The stolen work is not tobacco farm related, but writars are used and abused worldwide.
> Again in history, only the users of the product count, and not the ones doing the work.
> Scanning books, without checking for copyright, forcing authors to resolve copyright issues
> with a company that never had a business deal with them.
> Business has its bounds and agreements.
> Google cannot force business agreements on anybody without cooperation, and proper
> bounds and agreements.
> Writars are horrored.
> I actually care about the whole Googee. Too much human rights violations.
> Too much privacy violations. Too much Orwellian Googlescuism.
> Too much caring only about the users and not 'at all' about writars.
> Too much Napsterian unprecedented access. Too much mafia for a company.

Ladies and gentlemen, Google is a mafia.

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