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Prince Gygyor Halimi Sarbaj Tafamus Fatarf 11-03-2005 11:23 PM

Re: "Privacy Sadism". Google does it quietly with Groups Beta, others online do it openly
> > > > > Protesting as I am human and I was victimized a thousand times or more online.
> > > > > I have to protest. Against Modern Sour Hitlers. ****ing Pigs. I protest.
> > > >
> > > > And I battle the unstoppable privacy sadists openly. They are black and white.
> > > > And the only way to stop the unstoppable black and whiters is like stopping Hitler.
> > > > United with the world, and beat them back to their bunkers.
> > >
> > > Republicans are pretty bad in general. They come from strong racist history, very recent,
> > > and they are very isolated, and controlling. The white power. Honestly. What percent of
> > > Republicans is white? That just shows, that the non whites are racists and don't want
> > > to be Republicans. The point is that with all this "telling others what to do", and
> > > "give the riches power to tell others what to do", and its very Hitlerish. Too much
> > > of that old "The whites tell what to do to the others in the colony." Google is too
> > > "taking over the world" on the Internet, and violates privacy and human dignity,
> > > but not anybody can say: "Lets unite and fight this Hitler", because "Make love
> > > not war".

> >
> > What is Privacy Sadism? It means when people chose privacy, others chose them
> > not to have them that luxury online, because companies like Google abuse privacy,
> > and there are people who say that's what America is about. I don't know. All
> > I know is I was always offended by Google archiving messages which are in general
> > represent people's private interests. Think Orwell's 1984 and human rights violations.
> >
> > "Protest is very nice."

> Let me clarify: Orwell is not what America is about.

Common, people! Recognize Google's crime with me.

Google makes everything public interest. To battle that concept is horrible.

Most messages are questions regarding people's personal interests. You know?
Archiving the world, with human rights violations should be illegal,
especially with the magnitude I described about the privacy violation of
Orwell's 1984... Hello!

No response.

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