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KLXrider 07-17-2003 03:04 PM

Re: Where to start learning your MCSE
If you have been an MCSE for 3 months and haven't received your
certificat you will need to contact Microsoft.

The email address is located on the Training and Certification page.

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003 07:52:02 -0700, "Marko" <>

>>Only one criticism: you'll need to pick a different

>handle if you'd like to be considered for MCNGP.
>How is the Handle Marko?
>I used MCSE for that post only since I was doing it more
>as a "on behalf of everyone here" rather than as Marko
>would like to personally state the bleedingly obvious.
>I guessed there would be a lot of people who post here
>that would have co signed that "MCSE" post.
>I realise in advance all the newbies are probably
>thinking "What is all the fuss about? I was only asking a
>question?" However, if there are signs that distract you
>(to the point that you have to deliberately look away,
>squint or surf with both eyes closed to ignore them) and
>these same neon signs scream the answers you want but you
>then choose to ignore all reasonable attempts to get your
>attention and you fail to take just a few brief moments to
>read what is all around you, then there will be a lot of
>people ready to grab your attention with what usually
>works here - sarcasm. The art of taking you back to to
>the point from which you most likely started your journey
>and pointing out all the clues you managed to miss along
>the way. And us wondering the whole time how it was that
>you managed to make it as far as you did. Like the guys
>who ask in this newsgroup questions like "I am MCSE for
>three months and wonder where I will download my
>certificate and what it will look like". Come on. Or the
>fact that your Search engine is the only one on this
>planet that can't find a single helpful page on your
>certification topic. I appreciate your humour.

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