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Ed 06-29-2003 06:55 PM

Re: Info about 70-220

Sorry for the late answer, but your advice was useful.
Not only that, I PASSED!! No I didn't download testkings
pdfs. Didn't have that much time. I read the entire study
guide from MSPress, practiced a few (and I mean a few)
things, downloaded a pdf file and a powerpoint sildeshow
from somewhere, and presto, passed first time round.

A+, Network+, MCSA, (almost MCSE)

>-----Original Message-----
>Test questions in pdf format that help you prep for and
>exam. Usually over 200 questions with lenghtly answers as
>to whats right and wrong... And why. So you solidify what
>you have already learned. They are in a format similar to
>the exam so that when the big day arives and you take the
>test. It's that little less stressful...
>You'll need to know the subject well also. So buying a
>Sybex book on the mcp you are taking is a good idea
>Good luck with it
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Whats a TestKing?
>>"Pugleon" <> wrote in message
>>> I took it last week. And from what I remember (and its
>>> hard to remember since I done 221 just after it, and

>>> kinda muddled it up in my head. BUT... heres what I do
>>> remember
>>> There were four/five case studys. With over nearly 50
>>> questions in total based on those. The testkings for it
>>> were EXELLENT. And I passed with flying colours...

>>> about the best advise I could give you is to read

>>> Most of the questions were pick the most valid answer,
>>> but one or two in each case study was a picture

>>> drag and drop. And one or two in each case study was
>>> choose all that apply. And there was 3hrs 30 mins to
>>> complete. Every question is based on the case studys

>>> are given.
>>> Get yourself the testkings. Best thing you can do is

>>> your hands on a copy of those.... Course testking will
>>> get you a pass, but back it up with some reading and
>>> maybe CBT's. Because heck, whats the point in passing

>>> ya dont understand whatcha passed!!!
>>> My address is above if you need anymore advise....
>>> Good luck with it!
>>> >-----Original Message-----
>>> >Hi folks,
>>> >
>>> >Going to take 220 this wednesday (25-06-2003).
>>> >
>>> > Just a few qs:
>>> >How many questions?
>>> >What are they like, as in: all case study, all

>>> >choice, both? Other types?
>>> >Seems the exam can be adaptive: what's the probability
>>> >(valid value range: 0-100%)?
>>> >How much time?
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >Ed
>>> >A+, Net+, MCSA
>>> >.
>>> >



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