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Rahul Chatterjee 11-16-2004 07:49 PM

MCSd exam help
After reading thru quite a few postings, I am still trying to understand
what would be the best route to study for the MCSD/MCDBA exams, which exams
to take first and what materials to refer to while studying.

I used to work quite extensively on VB6 and ASP and SQL a few years ago but
have been programming in legacy languages lately (PL/B). From my
understanding of reading newsgroups and other material, the new
certifications are all pertaining to the .NET environment.

I would like to know what would be the best practice that I would need to
follow to prep for the exams (I would like to go for the MCDBA track
eventually). I take it that a lot of actual hands on experience is required
to grasp the concepts of .NET. What else could I use to learn more in the
absence of such experience?

Also are there any sites that allow **Free** downloads of transcenders for
VB.NET, SQL, etc

Finally, the SQL server certification exam if I were to appear for it, would
it be useless (considering a new version is scheduled for release shortly)

Please advise


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