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Jackie 06-22-2004 05:24 PM

Than ;you Eric <Eric>
thank you for posting that link to codeclinic in response
to the 70-229 CRAM post. I'm not the poster of that post,
but I believe I will find this link helpful.

I have taken all the language exams (315,316,320) and
passed the first time. However, although I read two book
cover to cover and did examples (SQL Server 2000
Programming by Querrero and Rojos, and SQL Server 2000
Programming by Rob Vieira) I failed my first try at 70-
229. I ran out of time with 2 or 3 questions that I just
had to stick an answer to. With a score of 597, they
could've made a difference. This is my first time really
learning SQL and especially T-SQL so not too miserable.
Had I watched my time, who knows.

Anyhow none of the books really went into Security too
deeply. At least not what I should know for the exam. As
well, the first time I saw uniqueidentifier in a T-SQL
statement was on the exam in about 3 of the first
questions. That probably blew my confidence too. I didn't
select any as correct because I didn't know what they
were. I see here that codeclinic covers them.

Thanks for this link. I took the test last wednesday and
I'm now gun-shy about even trying again anytime soon. This
should boost my confidence!

Jackie, MCAD

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