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PhiL M. 09-11-2004 08:54 PM

Re: Laptop Bluetooth & Sony-Ericsson Z600
Is your notebook able to detect the phone and vice versa?
Have you paired the phone to the notebook?
What synchronizing software did you download?
What data are you trying to synchronize?
Z600 and T630 will synchronize with Microsoft Outlook via XTNDConnect PC
application from the accompanying CD, and will synchronize to Windows
Address Book without additional software installed - you should be able
to find that function via My Bluetooth Places.

"Phil" <> wrote in message
|I have a Acer travelmate 290 Laptop with Bluetooth & Sony-Ericsson Z600
| mobile that I want to synchronise. I have downloaded the appropriate
| for the synchronising, and a bluetooth driver on the prepackaged
software but
| I still can't get one to recognise the other when I turn on the
| wireless/bluetooth hardware.
| Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?
| Also, I uninstalled the infrared driver as I could not get that to
work (XP
| help suggested that I uninstall & reinstall) but I cannot get a driver
| install.
| Any suggestions on where to find the right driver?
| Cheers,
| Phil

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