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Mabden 07-06-2005 01:09 PM

Palm programming in C using GCC
Palm C people,

I have had a Palm device foist upon me, so I wrote a nice game for it,
but I don't know what newsgroup to use to find out info about straight C
programming on the Palm. There seem to be a plethora of Palm newsgroups,
but most about how to get Calendar to work. Can any C people who program
for the Palm (and presumably check in here) let me know the best place
to find out about Palm issues.

A sample of my current questions for Palm Development (note: I do not
expect an answer here, just a pointer to where to go, so OT Police can
go have another donut and ignore this post):

o How can I change a menu on the fly based on a user selecting a menu
o (How) Can I include a checkbox in a menu, to toggle a user option?
o Do I need a separate menu for every possible combination of user

You get the idea. I need to know whether I can manipulate menus on the
fly, or if I need to have every possible menu in my resource file, and a
huge case statement or something to pick the correct one.

The Palm OS is very primitive. altho they have moved on to ARM, you
still need to support the old devices, if you can - and my game can, so
I end up using version 3 (my game "needs" color). [this is probably more
info than needed]


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