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10-28-2003 02:30 PM

Re: Wall-paintings, Mural and Monumental Paintings, Frescos
I don't know what english translation software you're using, but it sucks.
Either that, or you are just demented.


<> wrote in message
> Hi!
> Our New Original Services on Your House:
> Owners of numerous bars, discos, restaurants, shops have estimated appeal

wall painting as original element of an interior, and the most brave have
allowed on walls of the apartments and houses to appear to fantastic
landscapes, old city streets, to colors, continuation of premises, and etc.
> Monumental, or Mural, Painting existed always, and walk the way from rock

figure up to wall lists of tombs of pharaons and fresco in Russian temples
has revived in a new century. In due course figure has found a frame, has
decreased in sizes and, has lost the most part of the authority above a
human life.
> Today revival wall painting has passed a stage "rock figure" (graffiti)

and on workmanship does not concede classical painting by oil or acryle on a
> On this your make need more.
> The best regards
> Sergey Ivanko

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