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JC Dill 12-29-2006 04:17 PM

watermarking with Digimarc and other watermark software
I'm looking for feedback from people who use Digimarc
<>, AiS Watermark
<>, or any other
specialized watermarking software.

I'm particularly interested in testing MarcSpider, a Digimarc tracking
feature which is only available if you have the professional level
account. If you use Digimarc I'd like your permission to copy one of
your protected images from your public website, edit it in various
ways (similar to how I expect people might edit my photos if they
wanted to use them without permission) and put it in a few sites to
see if MarcSpider finds these copies.



"The nice thing about a mare is you get to ride a lot
of different horses without having to own that many."
~ Eileen Morgan of The Mare's Nest, PA

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