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Jack 08-31-2004 09:31 PM

Re: Is a Firewall/Wireless Solution?

If the Wireless is working while Firewall is off, Leave it Alone.

Wireless is just a replacement to wire, and it is not related to the

If the Firewall is not configured correctly or the TCP/IP part of the
Network is already partially trashed the Firewall interfere with LAN's
TCP/IP traffic.

May be this can Help:

Jack (MVP-Networking).

"Curtis Hendricks" <> wrote in
> It's pretty clear that firewalls are a big problem to home networks in
> Windows XP (I have two XP SP2 computers that see each other just fine, as
> long as both have their firewalls disabled). Testing leads me to conclude
> it's not the fault of the wireless access drivers. The question is, is a
> correction anywhere at hand?

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