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BreakerM 07-30-2003 05:11 PM

Re: VB 6.0 a thing of the past?

A waste of time? Definitely not. But VB 6.0 is going to be gone soon
enough (the exam is getting retired next year, I believe).

I took 70-176 a few years back and just decided to finish up my MCSD
recently. Passed the SQL Server 2000 in May and will take 70-175 and
70-100 in the next two weeks. That way I can get my MCSD in the
quickest time, without having to ditch all my past experience in favor
of the .NET stuff. Plus, the .NET MCSD is 5 exams, not 4.

My advice is to get the 6.0 MCSD certification under your belt (be sure
to take the SQL Server 2000 exam because that transfers to the .NET
MCSD) then immediately start learning .NET. Don't be left behind when
the 6.0 jobs start drying up.

Good luck!!!!

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