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Varadarajan 07-22-2003 11:37 AM

how to start
Hi Folks,

I'm interested in doing MCSD from India(bangalore), do any shed some light
how to go about and some suggestions.

1. Is these set of exams should be done at a strech or can i have some
interval in between,if so how long? and time frame to complete?
2. Is the center where taking the exam is important or any previous
3. Attending any training class is really necessary or can i take the
exam by simply going through the books and working on computers?
4. How much is cost for the test?(in INR) ..
5. Which are the easient one?and how to go..
6 And which books to refer..
7. Is the dump questions available in the market is useful? if so which
8. How long it wil take to complete in fast track..

Thax in advance,


Cherry 07-24-2003 03:54 AM

Re: how to start
"Varadarajan" <> wrote in message news:<Oh1C3IOUDHA.2008@TK2MSFTNGP11.phx.gbl>...
> Thanks for your time and patience that you spend to answer my question(s),
> Actually i'm new to .net but spend a quite a bit of time on developement in
> VB and VC 6,
> But i saw in MCSD were C++ is replaced by C# , I'm bit confused on choosing
> vb/c#..

It is incorrect to say that C++ is replaced by C# in .Net framework.
Actually, there's VC++.Net for people with C++ and VC++ background,
But as of now, MS doesn't offer any .Net certifications in VC++ Track.
May be they start one soon.
As for C# is concerned, it's a competition to Java that MS wants to

One more point that I want to state is that it's not very tricky to
convert code
written in C# into C++ code in .Net.
For more info, read

I myself have experience on C++ and VC++6.0, but plan to go in for C#
track of MCAD first.


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