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Windows XP Compatible Wireless Networking Kit
I used to use the Lucent Technologies ORiNOCO RG-1000 Wireless Access Point
and Lucent Technologies ORiNOCO Silver PC Card with my first laptop that had
Windows 98 Second Edition. When that laptop got water damaged at my old
apartment from a flood, I had to buy a new laptop and the laptop I currently
own has Windows XP Home Edition. I tried to use the same wireless networking
hardware and Windows XP found a compatible driver for the PC card and
everything, but still my wireless internet connection was NOT constant.
Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. So I checked all the
settings that the help files told me to check and I found that the encryption
key was what was messing it up. I had put in the right encryption key, but
something was causing the stored encryption key to change to the wrong one.
After giving up trying to get it to continue to work, I then thought that the
particular WLAN system I was using was NOT fully compatible with Windows XP.
In those days I still had my high speed Internet service, but now I had to
get back to dialup. I am looking for another similar wireless networking kit
that has a built-in dial-up (56K) modem, but one that's better compatible
with Windows XP. Does anyone know if such a wireless networking kit is
available, and if so, where it's available?

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