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Michael Giroux 08-18-2004 04:56 PM

Re: WiFi Continually Disconnects
I was having similar difficulties. My WiFi router is D-Link DI 524 and my
desktop system is a Linksys WiFi card.

I upgraded the router firmware, and configured it to use channel 8. One or
the other of those two changes has completely eliminated the dropped

Michael Giroux
"Robert" <> wrote in message
>I recently upgraded my router (Speedtouch 545) to make it WiFi compatible,
> however all is not well. After about being connected for about 5-10
> minutes i
> loss the connection on my laptop which uses its own WLAN 802.11g mini-PCI
> Module (made by invilink) and no matter what i do i can't seem to fix it,
> the
> laptop only comes with drivers for the card, so i have to use Win XP's own
> network configuration utility to set up the connection. But thats only the
> beginning, when i want to reconnect i first need to disable then re-enable
> my
> Wlan connection then do the same for my Lan (which by the way isn't
> connected
> to any other PC's), this is because whenever i use the Win XP network
> configuration utility to reconnect, it connects to the network, my WiFi
> connection is still recognised as disconnected.
> Anyone any ideas?
> P.S. Could the fact that my laptop uses 802.11g and my router uses 802.11b
> have anything to do with it?
> --
> System:
> Acer Ferrari 3200 Notebook
> AMD mobile 64 2800
> 80Gb HDD
> 512Mb Ram
> ATI 9700 128Mb Mobile
> WinXP Home Build 5.1 2600 SP2

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